Crystal Cove CA, Don Swanson

Recording Artist / Producer / Performer

Time to chill with some SONIC PAINTINGS, time to open up to a world of possibilities! Starting with Spanish/Brazilian guitar, Don adds orchestral strings, vibraphone, bass flute, percussion, and his own unique voice, as well as various musicians and singers to enhance and help create his personal nirvana. Welcome!

New Release:

Persona Nirvana

Jan 2019

the roots of a tree cast no shadow


Intimate and personal

4 song EP featuring African master musician: Ayo Adeyemi

featured songs include:

“Big Empty Moon”

  “Um Mundo”



Lay back and chill out to this selection of 10 songs, produced with a

New Bossa feel.

featured songs include:

“Yella Umbrella”

“Everlasting Star”

“Nothin’ Better”

at crystal cove


My first solo CD. A collection of

“sonic  paintings”.

featured songs include:

“So There For You”


“Satie by the Sea”