the roots of a tree cast no shadow


Intimate and personal

4 song EP featuring African master musician: Ayo Adeyemi

featured songs include:

“Big Empty Moon”

  “Um Mundo”



Bossa Nova and New Bossa inspired 10 song CD with a Cali twist.

featured songs include:

“Yella Umbrella”

“Everlasting Star”

“Nothin’ Better”

at crystal cove


My first solo CD. A 12 song collection of

“sonic paintings”.

featured songs include:

“So There For You”

“Venus as a Boy”

“Satie by the Sea”




“I was 11 years old when I started playing around with drums/nylon guitar/and tape recorders. I suppose I was lucky to discover my passion at an early age, because after all these years, I still find extreme pleasure in pounding, plucking, and experimenting with sound. It feeds my soul!” Once a song is developed, and production begins, he finds himself gravitating towards certain instruments to accompany his vocal and guitar; orchestral strings, vibraphone, bass flute, and African percussion. In the spirit of the later 20th century with modern production techniques, he strikes a chord that unifies generations.“Along with a little help from my friends, I create sonic paintings, combining all the elements that I enjoy, in hopes that you will too!”  - Don

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Instrumental ambient music for driving, working, or relaxing.

featured song:


for yoga or meditation




featured video